• WoW

    The mirror focuses the attention

  • WoW

    Change the way to see yourself

  • WoW

    Innovation you can touch

  • WoW

    Communicate through the mirror

  • WoW

    Change the concept of Art

  • WoW

    Expand the space, interact with the world

What is WoW


What is WoW


WoW effect


The amazing WoW


Expore the world


WoW is rock solid

What is WoW

Wow is first of all a clear, reflecting mirror and, like any other mirror, it doesn’t alter neither the light nor the colors.

Bu, at the same time, it contains a special display, a computer, a camera, an RFid module, an audio system and many other connectivity options. Wow is completely designed, developed and built in Italy.

WoW effect

WoW is activated independently, no button to push. When the attracted people approach the mirror, as if by magic, it turns into the screen. Through face recognition, or by radio frequency tags, WoW you can recognize when a person is in front and triggers a real surprise, the WOW effect. You can decide to start a video, a presentation, a slideshow, or an interactive program. We can make WoW what you want.

The amazing WoW

WoW interacts with the people in front of it in many ways: an RFid module is able to recognize different types of objects through electronic tags, a camera can be installed behind it, which is completely invisible. Through the camera, WoW can recognize faces, can even tell if it faced a young or old person, man or woman.

Explore the world

WoW includes a Wi-Fi module, or a cellular data card. WoW can then receive information and updates from the outside (such as photos or videos to display, or software updates) and can send the collected data (photos, videos, statistics, etc.). WoW can start a Skype call, becoming a two-way communication tool. WoW can directly interact with the Social Network, for example, posting automatically photos on Facebook, or videos on YouTube.

WoW is rock solid

The components used meet the strictest industry standards. The electronics is therefore resistant to shock, temperature changes, humidity and voltage. When not in use, the monitor does not turn black, it turns off completely. The installed computer is small and powerful. If the power goes off, or if the computer is turned off, there is no manual operation to do: when the power is back, WoW will restart itself automatically. The glass is safe and has been certified for use in public places.

Watch this short video
to understand what WoW can do

WoW installations

picture is worth a thousand words, here is an overview of our work


Euromix Wave was created to make the technological innovation available in an easy way, customized and economical.

Euromix Wave is based on the ability to integrate knowledge and  ideas within an exclusive proprietary solutions.

Euromix Wave manufactures its products in Italy, both directly and through a network of qualified partners.

Euromix Wave develops its own products by applying its collaborative economy design methods. In this way, we can offer solutions of the highest standard at competitive prices.

Euromix Wave is a spin-off of Euromix, historic Lombard manufacturer of PVC window frames since 1982.

  • Idee e progetti

    Crediamo nel valore e nella forza delle idee e della collaborazione. Siamo convinti che, tutti assieme, possiamo realizzare progetti migliori e più in fretta che da soli. Le nostre idee prendono forma in due modi: come soluzioni commerciali finite o come progetti in fase di sviluppo.

  • Le soluzioni

    Prodotti e soluzioni completamente sviluppate, certificate testate. Pronte per essere personalizzate secondo le vostre esigenze professionali o personali e integrate in sistemi più complessi. Se vedete nelle nostre soluzioni una possibile applicazione o sviluppo, saremo lieti di ascoltarvi!

  • Working projects

    Progetti in via di sviluppo, già definiti nelle funzionalità di base, brevettati o in corso di brevetto e prossimi alla produzione, ma ancora da ingegnerizzare o affinare nell’estetica, nelle funzionalità
    accessorie, nelle interfacce. Se avete una proposta per migliorarli e volete entrare a far parte del team di sviluppo, contattateci!

Il nostro team

Dietro a ogni progetto, c’è lo sforzo di un gruppo affiatato di professionisti. Questi siamo noi:

Luca Cattalani

Ideatore e fondatore di EuromixWave, entusiasta del prodotti sviluppati, si definisce “I’m a craftsman”.

Luca CattalaniFounder / CEO
Giorgio Rancilio

Spalla destra di Luca, Giorgio è focalizzato all’ambito tecnico e riesce a coadiuvare le necessità di progetto con i limiti tecnologici.

Giorgio RancilioCTO
Roberto Sarati

Software architect di EuromixWave, si occupa sia della gestione software aziendale sia del software installato sui prodotti creati.

Roberto SaratiSoftware architect
Laura Sarati

Responsabile Amministrativa, si occupa degli acquisti e della parte commerciale legata all’end user.

Laura SaratiMarketing & Sales

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